Completion of a research project

A research projects ends

  • upon notification by the corresponding author or
  • no later than three (3) years after the signing of the contract, unless otherwise notified.

The National Bank of Belgium welcomes the submission of papers to its Working Papers (WP) series (email: [email protected]). Submitted papers will be subject to referee processing and appraisal by the Bank’s WP committee.

Publication of research papers

Papers selected for publication will be posted on the MiRDH website, with a mention of the title, the authors’ names and research institution, publication reference, and a list of the microeconomic datasets used.

Publication notices

Disclaimer: “The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Bank of Belgium or of any other institution to which the authors are affiliated. Any errors are the authors’ own.”

Data source: “This paper uses confidential microeconomic data obtained through the Microeconomic Research Data Hub of the National Bank of Belgium.”

Data access clause: “This paper uses confidential microeconomic data obtained through the Microeconomic Research Data Hub of the National Bank of Belgium. The data are subject to confidentiality restrictions, but the National Bank of Belgium has developed a policy that allows external researchers to work with these proprietary datasets. Access to the Microeconomic Research Data Hub is granted based on submission of a research project. This paper is the result of such a project.”


Fees are applicable up to and including the year in which the conclusion of the project is notified.

Replication package and data storage policy

The codes used by authors can be downloaded and shared, unless expressly stated otherwise. Authors can also provide the editorial board with the proposed data access clause (see Publication notices). The data cannot be downloaded to the researcher’s own IT environment or shared, as expressly stated in the research and confidentiality agreement.

If the editorial board of the journal in which the paper is published asks to retain the data, the authors are requested to provide a replication package mentioning the relevant files and including the codes used to produce the results. All other files will be deleted. It is the responsibility of the researchers to ensure that all files required for proper replication of the results are archived. Archives will be kept for five years from the conclusion of a project.