Data access and IT environment

Remote access

Pseudonymised ad hoc datasets set up by the MiRDH team will be made available via remote access.

Secure IT environment

The data will be made available in a secure project-specific folder on the cloud or the NBB’s server.

  • Access to the project folder will be restricted to members of the research team, as indicated in the project description, and the MiRDH team.
  • Files may be transferred under MiRDH supervision. Uploads and downloads of files will be performed manually by the MiRDH team upon request, depending on the available resources and workload in terms of output verification.
    • The upload of external files, such as data or codes, is allowed.
    • The download of output files is allowed, subject to content control by the MiRDH team.
    • Data download and sharing and the disclosure of non-aggregated data are forbidden and may result in legal action, as stated in the research and confidentiality agreement.

Data use

Data stored in the cloud can be used via Databricks, with R, Python, PyStata, etc.

Data may be utilised under predefined GB storage and computing capacity. Storage and computing capacity extensions are possible for an additional fee.

Data may exceptionally be used via the NBB’s server, which supports R and STATA. An additional fee will be charged for this less efficient option.

Output verification

File transfers during the utilisation phase are subject to content control. As a general rule, output logs and results tables should not include non-aggregated data or any information constructed based on three individuals or fewer.

Publication of the research results is subject to approval and verification by the MiRDH selection committee or the NBB’s Working Papers committee, which will verify, amongst other things, that the published results comply with confidentiality rules and that no non-aggregated confidential data are disclosed.