Accepted projects will be subject to fees to cover inter alia IT costs such as data storage, hardware, software, maintenance, etc.

Fees will be determined after the pilot phase. Projects carried out during the pilot phase will be exempt from fees for the first year.

Fees will be defined based on the following principles:

  • Fees will be charged on an annual basis.
  • The fees will include an annual fixed charge for a standard data and IT package.
  • Variable fees will be charged for complementary data or IT facilities.
  • Fees are due up to and including the year in which conclusion of the project is notified.

The fixed fee covers a standard package, including:

  • access to the harmonised core dataset and annual accounts items for the sample period defined in the research project;
  • standard storage and computing capacity.

Additional fees will be charged:

  • for any additional datasets requested at the time of project submission;
  • for dataset updates or complementary variables requested during the course of the research project;
  • for requested storage or computing capacity extensions;
  • for projects carried out on the NBB server rather than via the proposed cloud environment.