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The sheer size of the German, French, Italian and Spanish Recovery and Resilience Plans could mean that they contribute more to economic activity in Belgium than our own national plan. Are these plans greener, more digital, more ambitious in terms of reforms than the Belgian plan?


Vice-Governor Steven Vanackere and Florence Lepoivre, Chief Cabinet of Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister Pierre-Yves Dermagne, present the High Council for Employment’s latest Annual Report, entitled “Continuous training for employees: investing in the future”, and its recommendations. The HCE calls for a forward-looking and inclusive strategy to be drawn up for lifelong learning.


Consumer credit is regulated in Belgium to avoid over-indebtedness. Despite this, not all types of credit cost the same. In this article you can learn which sorts are more expensive and which families are more often confronted with them.

The indicator has picked up a little in the construction sector but has contracted slightly in business-related services. It remains virtually unchanged in the manufacturing industry and trade.

consumer confidence

The consumer confidence indicator has dropped back for the second month running, under the impact of deteriorating expectations about the general economic situation and unemployment in Belgium. For the first time in six months, consumers have less confidence in anticipated labour market developments.

consumer confidence

Belgian companies report a strong recovery in their turnover. Nevertheless, supply constraints, in particular supply problems, increased input prices and labor shortages, are currently weighing on the recovery. This is apparent from a new survey among Belgian companies of the NBB and various Belgian federations representing companies and the self-employed.

The National Bank of Belgium (NBB) fully supports the pledge made by the Network of central banks and supervisors for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) to contribute to the goals of the COP26 climate conference currently taking place in Glasgow.

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