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Before the coronapandemic, Belgium was the third EU country with the highest public spending, after France and Finland. How do spending items such as administration, social security and education score in comparison with Germany, France and the Netherlands? Which authorities (federal, regional, local) are responsible?

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The fall in confidence is the most marked in business-related services. Entrepreneurs in the building industry and in the trade sector are more positive about the future.


Following the new European Banking Authority (EBA) guidelines, there have been various media reports on the supposed need to arrange a survey when applying for a mortgage loan. The National Bank wants to provide some important clarification on this subject.

Households are more optimistic about the outlook for the general economic situation in Belgium and the prospects for the jobs market. Concerns about rising unemployment are at their lowest since the beginning of 2019 and consumers’ personal predictions concerning their financial situation have improved.


Over the last decade, the debt of Belgian companies has increased, supported by an increase in debt securities such as corporate bonds. Companies issuing these securities are generally large and financially sound. However, a limited number of them carry risks.

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Belgian economic activity continues to recover swiftly. According to revised statistics Belgian GDP increased by 1.7 % in the second quarter. This is even better than the estimate in the previous Business Cycle Monitor (+1.3 %).


In the autumn, the European Commission will publish a proposal for updated capital requirements for banks in the EU. The NBB, as well as a large number of other national central banks and supervisory authorities in the EU, call on the European Commission to respect the letter and spirit of this global agreement.

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