Belgian Prime News

This quarterly publication is the result of co-operation between the National Bank, the Federal Public Service Finance and a number of Primary Dealers.

Each number contains a "Consensus forecast" concerning the anticipated movement of the main macroeconomic figures for Belgium, as well as a description of the most striking recent economic developments.

In addition, there is a regular summary of the situation in the market for government paper. The item "Treasury highlights" provides information on the Treasury's decisions in connection with the management of the public debt.

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  • Belgian Prime News N° 76PDF

    Public debt ratio back on a declining path; further consolidation efforts will firm up this trend

  • Belgian Prime News N° 75PDF

    Belgian economy on sounder foundations: major progress achieved should be further consolidated

  • Belgian Prime News N° 74PDF

    Belgian labour market and wage formation reforms to be implemented at the beginning of 2017

  • Belgian Prime News N° 73PDF

    Residential property and mortgage market in Belgium: taking advantage of the low interest rate environment, while avoiding excessive risk exposure

  • Belgian Prime News N° 72PDF

    Brexit: How exposed and how resilient is the Belgian economy?

  • Belgian Prime News N° 71PDF

    A dynamic economy and sound public finances to overcome troubled waters

  • Belgian Prime News N° 70PDF

    Tax shift implemented in Belgium to support employment and competitiveness

  • Belgian Prime News N° 69PDF

    Combining fiscal consolidation with a tax shift away from labour income: an important balancing act for the coming years

  • Belgian Prime News N° 68PDF

    Three months on, a look at the implementation of the Eurosystem’s public sector purchase programme (PSPP) by the NBB

  • Belgian Prime News N° 67PDF

    An agenda for sound public finances, sustainable growth and job creation in Belgium

  • Belgian Prime News N° 66PDF

    The new federal government announces measures for structural reforms and fiscal consolidation the economy

  • Belgian Prime News N° 65PDF

    Revised reference statistics, for a sharper picture of the economy

  • Belgian Prime News N° 64PDF

    Monitoring vulnerabilities and enhancing regulations for a more resilient financial sector: main takeaways from the NBB 2014 Financial Stability Review

  • Belgian Prime News N° 63PDF

    State reforms and economic reforms should go hand in hand to ensure sustainability of welfare in Belgium

  • Belgian Prime News N° 62PDF

    The new instutional set-up in Belgium and the new European budgetary governance requiring a resolute implementation of a credible fiscal strategy