Annual reports

Below you will find all annual reports published by the National Bank since 1851. Since 1999, the annual report has been published in two parts. The first part covers recent economic and financial developments in Belgium and abroad. The second part, called the Corporate Report, presents the annual accounts of the National Bank and discusses the main events of the past financial year.

For environmental reasons, only a limited number of hard copies will be printed. If you would nonetheless prefer to receive a hard copy, please complete the order form.

Past reports can be downloaded from the National Bank's website. To find a particular report, you can use the annual reports search functionality.

Publication dates

Dutch and French language edition

Report 2023 - Economic and financial developments - 13 March 2024

Report 2023 - Company report - 17 April 2024

English edition

Report 2023 - Economic and financial developments - 29 April 2024

Report 2023 - Corporate Report - 17 May 2024

Latest annual reports