Who must file

Which legal entities must file annual accounts, consolidated annual accounts or a social balance sheet? 

  • Most Belgian companies must file annual accounts or consolidated annual accounts on a yearly basis. This obligation applies to companies in which the liability of the shareholders or partners is limited to their contribution as well as to certain other companies.  

  • Small and large associations and foundations obliged to have a double-entry bookkeeping system must file their annual accounts with the National Bank of Belgium.

  • Health insurance funds and national federations of health insurance funds governed by the Act of 6 August 1990 must draw up their annual accounts in accordance with the model provided by the Office for the Oversight of Health Insurance Funds and National Federations of Health Insurance Funds.

  • The following foreign legal entities are obliged to file their annual accounts with the National Bank of Belgium:

    • foreign companies with a branch office in Belgium;
    • foreign associations and foundations with a branch office in Belgium.
  • The annual accounts of certain collective investment undertakings with a variable number of units (investment funds) may be filed as an annex to the annual accounts of the Belgian management company.