Foreign companies and associations

The following foreign legal entities must file their annual accounts with the National Bank of Belgium.

Foreign companies with a Belgian branch

Foreign companies with a Belgian branch (source: Art 3:20 §1 CCA)

More information: CBN/CNC Opinion 2022/14 – Belgian branches of foreign companies 

Foreign associations and foundations with a Belgian branch

Foreign associations and foundations with a branch in Belgium are obliged to file their annual accounts for the last closed financial year with the National Bank of Belgium, in the form in which these annual accounts were drawn up, audited and published pursuant to the law of the country under which the association or foundation falls (source: Arts 3:50 and 3:54 CCA).

The branch of a foreign association or foundation must file its annual accounts with the National Bank of Belgium within thirty days from the approval thereof by its management body, if the branch, on the balance sheet date of the last closed financial year, exceeds more than one of the criteria set out in Article 3:47 §2 or Article 3:51 §2 CCA, respectively (source: Arts 3:47 §7 and 3:51 §7 CCA).

Foreign associations and foundations that do not use the standard models for associations and foundations are requested:

  • to use the S-asbl 1.1. (French) or S-vzw 1.1 (Dutch) cover sheet for the filing of a non-standard model of annual accounts for foreign associations and foundations;
  • indicate “Association ou fondation étrangère” (French) or “Buitenlandse vereniging of stichting” (Dutch) to justify derogation the provisions of the Royal Decree of 29 April 2019.

 MORE INFO Questions about which model your foreign company or association should file? You can find more information on this page.