Results of the statutory elections

General Meeting of Shareholders of 30 March 2009

The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of 30 March 2009 re-elected Messrs Luc Cortebeeck, Rudi Thomaes and Piet Vanthemsche as regents and Messrs Philippe Grulois, Jean-François Hoffelt and Bernard Jurion as censors.

Mr Karel Van Eetvelt and Mrs Michèle Detaille were elected by the General Meeting as regents to replace respectively Mr Christian Van Thillo and Mr Pierre Wunsch. Mrs Francine Swiggers and Mr Jean Eylenbosch have been elected as censors to replace respectively Mr Rik Branson and Mrs Michèle Detaille.

The terms of office of Mr Van Eetvelt, Mrs Swiggers and Mr Eylenbosch, who will complete the mandates of their predecessors, will end after the Ordinary General Meeting of 2011; while the other terms of office will end at the close of the Ordinary General Meeting in 2012.

The title of honorary censor has been conferred on Mr Rik Branson.

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