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In this week’s blog post, our expert explains how the NBB keeps its ear to the ground in the business community through the conduct of regular and ad hoc surveys, the organisation of breakfast meetings and the cultivation of economic relations. 

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Real gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 0.2% in the third quarter of 2022 compared with the previous quarter. Value added rose slightly in the building industry and the services sector but fell in the manufacturing industry. The year-over-year growth rate was 1.9%.

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The business barometer deteriorated for the seventh straight month, albeit at a slightly slower pace. Only the building industry escaped the downturn. The drop in confidence was most noticeable in business-related services.

Business Confidence

How sustainable are the finances of the federal government, the regions and the communities in Belgium? This article explores the sustainability risks to which various government subsections are exposed. How resilient are their finances to shocks and what can they do to help put public debt on a downward trajectory?

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Households are less pessimistic overall but slightly more concerned about the job market. Their saving intentions have strengthened but not to the same degree as the sharp drop observed over the preceding two months.

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Our latest blog article explains the method Statbel uses to include energy prices in the measure of inflation (i.e. the consumer price index). Has inflation been overestimated due to rising energy prices? Strictly speaking, the answer is no. Rather, it is the cost of living that has been overestimated. To ensure that the measure of inflation more accurately reflects the cost of living, more countries will have to follow the proposal of the Netherlands.

Energy prices and inflation

The NBB’s Climate Hub created the dashboard to provide the broader public with more information on the consequences of climate change and the transition to net zero emissions for the economy and the financial system.  

Climate dashboard
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