Colloque international 2006 sur le thème "Rigidités des prix et des salaires dans une économie ouverte"

12-13 octobre 2006 - Auditorium de la Banque nationale de Belgique à Bruxelles

Industry wage differentials, unobserved ability and rent-sharing: evidence from matched worker-firm data, 1995-2002
Robert Plasman, François Rycx, Ilan Tojerow
Working Paper 90 (pdf - 364k)  Presentation (ppt - 125k)

The dynamics of trade and competition
Natalie Chen, Jean Imbs, Andrew Scott
Working Paper 91 (pdf - 491k)  Presentation (ppt - 604k)

A new Keynesian model with unemployment
Olivier Blanchard, Jordi Gali
Working Paper 92 (pdf - 776k) Presentation (pdf -255k)

Price and wage setting in an integrating Europe: firm level evidence
Filip Abraham, Jozef Konings, Stijn Vanormelingen
Working Paper 93 (pdf - 300k)  Presentation (ppt - 264k)

Simulation, estimation and welfare implications of monetary policies in a 3-country NOEM model
Joseph Plasmans, Tomasz Michalak, Jorge Fornero
Working Paper 94 (pdf - 1.106k)  Presentation (ppt - 1.785k)

Inflation persistence and price-setting behaviour in the euro area: a summary of the Inflation Persistence Network evidence
Filippo Altissimo, Michael Ehrmann, Frank Smets
Working Paper 95 (pdf - 721k)  Presentation (ppt - 365k)

How wages change: micro evicence from the International Wage Flexibility Project
William T. Dickens, Lorenz Goette, Erica L. Groshen, Steinar Holden, Julian Messina, Mark E. Schweitzer, Jarkko Turunen, Melanie E. Ward
Working Paper 96 (pdf - 188k)  Presentation (ppt - 608k)

Nominal wage rigidies in a new Keynesian model with frictional unemployment
Vincent Bodart, Grégory de Walque, Olivier Pierrard, Henri R. Sneessens, Raf Wouters
Working Paper 97 (pdf - 409k)  Presentation (ppt - 957k)

Dynamics and monetary policy in a fair wage model of the business cycle
David de la Croix, Gregory de Walque, Raf Wouters
Working Paper 98 (pdf - 380k)  Presentation (pdf - 288k)

The kinked demand curve and price rigidity: evidence from scanner data
Maarten Dossche, Freddy Heylen, Dirk Van den Poel
Working Paper 99 (pdf - 503k)  Presentation (ppt - 1.251k)

Lumpy price adjustments: a microeconomic analysis
Emmanuel Dhyne, Catherine Fuss, Hashem Pesaran, Patrick Sevestre
Working Paper 100 (pdf - 651k)  Presentation (ppt - 429k)

Reasons for wage rigidity in Germany
Wolfgang Franz, Friedrich Pfeiffer
Working Paper 101 (paper not available)  Presentation (ppt - 2.092k)