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Ansgar Rannenberg

Ansgar Rannenberg


Before rejoining the Econometrics and Modelling Group of the NBB's Research Department in 2018, Ansgar Rannenberg was a researcher in macroeconomics at the Central Bank of Ireland, the Macroeconomic Policy Institute in Düsseldorf, the Bundesbank and – in the framework of a post-doctoral fellowship - at the NBB (2010-2011). He obtained his PhD in economics from the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

His research focuses on the effects of income inequality on the natural rate of interest and macroeconomic imbalances as well as the effects of fiscal stimulus, austerity and central bank forward guidance on the economy.

Ansgar has contributed to several reports by European System of Central Bank (ESCB) expert groups for the attention of the Monetary Policy Committee as well as to the recent ECB strategic review.

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