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Bank financing for SMEs from 2014 to 2019: effect of changes in the law on lending

What explained the weakness in manufacturing in 2018-2019?


During 2018 and 2019, the manufacturing industry in the euro area saw a stronger slowdown than elsewhere owing to its greater dependence on exports, in an international environment marked by heightened trade tensions and uncertainty

First results of the third wave of Belgium’s Household Finance and Consumption Survey

How many Belgian households own their main residence? How many of them have other types of properties or financial investments? Which ones are more indebted? The latest results of the Household Finance and Consumption Survey provide answers to these and many other questions on the financial situation of Belgian households

Drivers of labour force participation in Belgium

In Belgium, the activity rate for almost all age segments is below the average for the three neighbouring countries. Even within the 25-to-54 year-old group, where labour market participation is at its highest, there is a wide individual distribution, notably by gender and level of education. The article also quantifies the manpower reserve for the country’s three Regions.

Does the EU convergence machine still work?

The prospect of higher living standards has been a major attraction of EU membership and is arguably an antidote against rising EU scepticism. But does the EU “convergence machine” still work? Have initially poorer European countries and regions succeeded in catching up with the income levels of their richer peers? And what has been the relative performance of countries and regions in Western Europe, including Belgium?

Insights from the 2017-2018 US fiscal stimulus

How do fiscal policy and inflation interact?

Belgium’s foreign trade: between restoring competitiveness and neo-protectionism

Since the start of the decade, Belgium’s export performance has been relatively weaker than that of neighbouring countries. The international context has become riskier, auguring new challenges, headed by trade wars and Brexit.  Acting on all the levers in terms of competitiveness is essential to enable firms to position themselves strategically and sustainably on international markets.

Economic flows between Regions in Belgium

Crossing a regional border in Belgium: a brake on mobility of workers, capital, goods and services?

Economic projections for Belgium – Autumn 2019

The Belgian economy slows down gradually over the coming years while the budget deficit rises sharply.

Results and financial situation of firms in 2013