Economic Review

The National Bank’s aim in producing the Economic Review is to provide information about important economic, financial and monetary developments.

The Economic Review first appeared in June 1926. It was originally only a French-language publication that back in those days was still called the Bulletin d'Information et de Documentation.

In July 1937, the first bilingual version was published and, since July 1938, there has also been a separate Dutch-language version. In 1971, the name changed to Bulletin de la Banque nationale de Belgique - Tijdschrift van de Nationale Bank van België, eventually to be renamed Revue économique - Economisch tijdschrift in 1995.

As of 2004, the National Bank also publishes an English language version (usually with a delay of about 1 month) under the name Economic Review.

As of 2018, the Economic Review is exclusively available online.

Below you will find the Economic Reviews from 1926 to date in PDF format and, from September 2012 onward, also in EPUB format, a free and open e-book standard. 

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