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Circular NBB_2017_27/ Circular on the Bank's expectations as regards quality of reported prudential and financial data

Circular NBB_2015_21 / Circular concerning the internal control system and the internal audit function

Circular NBB_2017_16 / Intragroup derivative transactions exemption procedure from the clearing

Circular NBB_2013_15 / Circular concerning inspections

Circular NBB_2018_01 / Periodic questionnaire on combating money laundering and terrorist financing

Circular PPB-2006-13-CPB-CPA / Exercise of external functions by managers of regulated companies

Circular NBB_2017_20 / Duty of cooperation of accredited statutory auditors

ESMA Guidelines on CSD Participants default rules and procedures of 8 April 2017 (ESMA-70-151-294)

Circular NBB_2012_14 / Compliance functionPDF

Communication NBB_2013_07 / Communication of the NBB and of the FSMA