Are there any restrictions as to the term of validity of banknotes and coins?

As a rule, banknotes continue to be legal tender without any restriction in time. Since, in practice, 200 and 500-euro banknotes are sometimes refused, a memorandum (in French) containing a few practical rules has been drawn up.

As far as coins are concerned, the prevailing rule is that a trader is not obliged to accept more than 50 coins in any single payment. In principle, any payment made with 50 coins or less can therefore not be refused.

The price of the sale of goods or services by a vendor or a service provider for an amount of at least 3 000 euros may not be paid in cash, except for an amount that does not exceed 10 % of the purchase price and insofar this amount does not exceed itself the limit of 3 000 euros. This rule is applicable for a single operation as well as for several partial operations that appear to be linked with each other.