Use of the National Bank's name and logo

The National Bank of Belgium (hereinafter referred to as the NBB) expressly reserves all intellectual property rights and other rights in respect of its name and logo, and those of the Belgian Financial Forum. Third parties may not use these names and logos without the prior formal written consent of the NBB.

The NBB is aware that its name and logo may be misused by third parties for the purpose of fake financial transactions and other fraudulent activities. In this respect, the NBB would like to clarify that in its capacity as a central bank it does not provide commercial banking services to individuals or corporate entities and, in particular, it does not charge fees for cross-border payments or accept deposits from individuals or corporate entities, or issue certificates for the release of funds. Consequently, the NBB advises the general public not to establish contact with the sources of such fraudulent activities and not to send money or disclose bank, credit card and personal details to anybody claiming to represent the NBB or to have a banking relationship with the NBB. If in doubt you should get in touch with the NBB.

The NBB cannot be held liable for any misuse or fraudulent use of its name, logo or address. Suspicious activities should be reported immediately to the competent police or judicial authorities. These activities may also be reported to the NBB.