The National Bank, a house built on trust


The National Bank is a special house with many rooms. You probably know the NBB from the euro banknotes it issues in our country. However, it has many other interesting tasks. Behind its stately façade is a workplace revolving entirely around trust.

Groepje medewerkers staan te babbelen voor het gebouw van de Natioanle Bank
Working for yourself and for society.

For instance, it aims to keep the value of money stable. You can also rest assured that, thanks to the National Bank’s supervision, your money is safe and secure in any Belgian bank. It also ensures that you can pay smoothly and safely both online and by cash, and that you have access to accurate economic and financial information. In addition, the National Bank also acts as bank for the government and manages the Central Balance Sheet Office and Central Credit Register, which register annual accounts and loans.

By contributing to a stable financial system and trustworthy financial institutions, the NBB is helping to create a climate of trust in which everyone can develop to their full potential.

Bankmedewerkers poseren voor de ingang van de Nationale Bank
Ambitious, open and relevant, that's us!

As a modern central bank at the heart of the Eurosystem, the NBB serves the public interest. From its independent position and aided by its analyses, statistics and research, it participates in the public debate in a respectful, careful and socially responsible manner.

The National Bank must evolve and communicate better in order to stay relevant, efficient and dynamic. That is why the Bank’s many rooms will also be given larger windows, so that you can get a better view of its work. After all, its actions affect you and all Belgians.

So feel free to take a look around the various digital rooms of its website, as only through openness can the National Bank work confidently towards a sustainable and inclusive future!