Notification of filing via e-Box Enterprise

Since 4 April 2022, the NBB has sent filing notices to a secure electronic mailbox (e-Box Enterprise). Filing notices are no longer sent by post.

Activate e-Box Enterprise now so that you never miss an official communication. It’s free and easy.

What is e-Box Enterprise?


e-Box Enterprise is an electronic mailbox that centralises all official communication between a company and the public authorities.

What types of documents can it be used for?

It is now possible to receive official documents that were formerly sent by post directly in e-Box Enterprise. Permits, certificates, assessment notices, subsidy allocations, filing notices for annual accounts, you name it. It’s not necessary to print these documents as the electronic version is legally valid.

Who uses it?

Government services at the federal, regional and local levels can send documents via e-Box Enterprise. The FPS Economy, the Flemish Tax Administration and the social security authorities, amongst others, already do so. The list of government users is growing. Since 4 April 2022, the NBB (CBSO) has been using e-Box Enterprise to send filing notices.

2022: A digital year with e-Box Enterprise

How can you activate e-Box Enterprise?

e-Box Enterprise is free, but it’s necessary to register. This is easier than you might think.

  1. Sign up with your eID card or itsme at
  2. Enter your company’s CBE number.
  3. Choose who should have access (yourself or someone else).
  4. Add any other employees who need access.

A detailed description of all steps is available at

How does it work?

e-Box Enterprise looks like a regular mailbox but contains only official government documents.

You can set e-Box Enterprise to send a notification to your e-mail address when a new document arrives.

Replying to messages is also possible.

And it goes without saying, you can access e-Box Enterprise very easily on your mobile device.

Opt for digital only

Do yourself and the environment a favour and opt in. This means you will receive government documents only in e-Box Enterprise, thus no longer by post.

Since 4 April 2022, annual account filing notices have been sent solely to e-Box Enterprise, with no option to receive them by post.

Activate e-Box Enterprise to make sure you receive the documents you need!