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Improved data

The product allows users to retrieve all information improved by the National Bank in the form of datasets (ZIP file) on a daily basis for a limited period of time. Each day, the National Bank produces a dataset containing the references of improved filings and a dataset with the JSON documents of improved data. No XBRL or PDF files are produced for the improved filings.

The product also allows users to request the reference list of improved filings by legal entity via the BCE number and to obtain the related JSON documents.


Improvements made by the National Bank are:

  • the encoding of PDF filings as structured data,
  • the conversion of foreign currency filings into euros, and
  • corrections to the accounting data received.

One version of the data is available for each type of improvement:

  • PDF_ENCODED version: the filing was submitted in PDF format and has been encoded by the National Bank as structured data in a JSON file. Amounts stated in foreign currencies are not converted in this version.
  • EURO_CONVERTED version: the filed data is in a foreign currency and converted to euros by the National Bank in a JSON file. Currency conversion is done independently of the format of the original filing; this version thus provides converted amounts for PDF or XBRL filings.
  • CORRECTED version: the filing is improved through corrections and additions of columns made by the National Bank. Corrections are always applied to the amounts in euros (converted or original). Corrections are applied regardless of the format of the original filing; this version thus offers corrections for both PDF and XBRL filings.

When improving a filing, the National Bank may choose to first only improve items relating to the annual accounts (AA) and to improve items relating to the social balance sheet (SB) later. When one of the sections of the report (AA or SB) is corrected, the corrected data is made available via the web service. Therefore, when the correction type is "CORRECTED", the reference also indicates the data to which the corrections apply, for IMPROVED_DATA:

  • AA: the improvements apply solely to items in the AA section of the filing
  • SB: the improvements apply solely to items in the SB section of the filing
  • AA+SB: the improvements apply to items in both the AA and SB sections of the filing

Depending on the confidentiality of the corrections, the National Bank may not provide any corrections at all.

Improved data can be obtained through:


The "Improved data" product is chargeable for commercial customers. The price is 3,300 EUR per year.
The product will be made available no later than 01/07/2022.