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Like every year, the National Bank’s governor, Pierre Wunsch, directors and economists will travel around the country to present its annual report to the general public. This is a unique occasion to get an idea of the main economic and financial developments of 2022, which was a tumultuous year to say the least. Each presentation will be followed by a networking reception.

Pierre Wunsch —

The National Bank of Belgium’s annual report describes the economic, financial and monetary developments of the past year, which was once again characterised by great volatility. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused not only unspeakable human suffering but also serious tensions in the energy markets. A sharp increase in gas prices was the main driver of galloping inflation in Europe, which reached record levels.

The presentation will focus on the following issues:

  • Has the rise in energy prices unleashed a wage-price spiral, fanned in Belgium by automatic wage indexation?
  • What has been the impact on household purchasing power and the competitiveness of Belgian businesses?
  • Has the Belgian economy held up to persistent price pressures and how have these affected the labour market?
  • Have central banks reacted appropriately to the rise in inflation?
  • How have the measures taken impacted public budgets?
  • How has the financial sector reacted and what has been the impact on the housing market?
  • What measures should be on the political agenda in order to safeguard future prosperity?
The National Bank’s annual report should be required reading for every politician and anyone concerned about the future of our country.
Ewald Pironet —
Journalist —

Everyone is welcome!

The annual report will be presented at various locations in Brussels and Wallonia. Sign up free of charge by clicking on the link of your choice below!

Place Date Speaker Link
Liège 06/03/2023 18:00 Pierre Wunsch Register
Brussels 08/03/2023 11:00 Pierre Wunsch Register
Charleroi 08/03/2023 18:00 Xavier Debrun Register
Eupen 09/03/2023 18:00 Steven Vanackere Register
Wavre 10/03/2023 18:00 Vincent Magnée Register
Namur 15/03/2023 18:00 Vincent Magnée Register
Libramont-Chevigny 05/04/2023 18:00 Xavier Debrun Register


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The French and Dutch versions of the annual report will be posted on 3 March on our website. You can download a copy and also view video episodes summarising the main themes.

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