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Like every year, the National Bank’s governor, Pierre Wunsch, directors and economists will travel around the country to present its annual report to the general public. This is a unique occasion to get an idea of the main economic and financial developments of 2023.

Gouverneur Pierre Wunsch
Pierre Wunsch

The National Bank of Belgium’s annual report describes the economic, financial, and monetary developments of the past year in Belgium and abroad.

After the shocks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-21 and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, 2023 was a year of economic normalisation. The disruptions to international supply chains ended and energy prices came down, causing inflation to fall rapidly. Contrary to forecasts at the start of the year, the global economy proved surprisingly resilient against a backdrop of tighter monetary policy in advanced economies. This was also the case for Belgium, where unexpectedly dynamic economic activity continued to shore up the employment market.  

The presentation will cover the following topical issues in particular:

  • Is the inflationary surge seen in 2021-2022 finally behind us?
  • Is there a risk of a wage-price spiral in Belgium? 
  • How can we explain the resilience of the Belgian economy compared with those of neighbouring countries?
  • What are the consequences of the sharp rise in interest rates for households, businesses and public authorities?
  • Are Belgium and the EU on the right track when it comes to climate neutrality? What approaches are other major economic blocs taking?
  • Is the revival of industrial policy at global level a good thing?
The National Bank’s annual report should be required reading for every politician and anyone concerned about the future of our country.
Ewald Pironet

Everyone is welcome!

The annual report will be presented at various locations in Belgium. Sign up free of charge by clicking on the link of your choice below!


Brussels     15/03/2024 11:00 Pierre Wunsch Register


Liège 14/03/2024 18:00 Pierre Wunsch Register
Libramont 18/03/2024 18:00 Géraldine Thiry Register
Wavre 20/03/2024 18:00 Vincent Magnée Register
Eupen 26/03/2024 18:00 Tom Dechaene Register
Namur 27/03/2024 18:00 Géraldine Thiry Register
Charleroi 28/03/2024 18:00 Vincent Magnée Register
Tournai 17/04/2024 18:00 Xavier Debrun Register


Antwerp 13/03/2024 18:00 Pierre Wunsch Register
Leuven 18/03/2024 18:00 Tim Hermans Register
Ghent 19/03/2024 18:00 Steven Vanackere Register
Mechelen 20/03/2024 18:00 Steven Vanackere Register
Aalst 21/03/2024 18:00 Tom Dechaene Register
Brugge 25/03/2024 18:00 Steven Vanackere Register
Kortrijk 26/03/2024 18:00 Tim Hermans Register
Kasterlee 27/03/2024 18:00 Tom Dechaene Register
Hasselt 28/03/2024 18:00 Tim Hermans Register


Need a hard copy?

The French and Dutch versions of the annual report were posted on 13 March on our website. You can download a copy and also view short videos summarising the main themes.

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