Share and dividend

Information on the National Bank's share capital and the evolution of its dividend.

Share capital and rights attached to the shares

The Bank's share capital, totalling ten million Euro, is represented by four hundred thousand shares. Two hundred thousand of those shares, which are registered and non-transferable, are held by the Belgian State. The other two hundred thousand shares, which are registered or dematerialised shares, are freely negotiable on Euronext Brussels. The share capital is fully paid up.
Apart from the participation of the Belgian State, holding fifty percent of the Bank's shares since 1948 by virtue of the law, the Bank has not been informed of any other participation in its capital totalling or exceeding five percent of the voting rights.
The rights attached to the shares are determined by Articles 3 to 11 and 57 to 70 of the statutes.

Form of the shares

The 200,000 NBB shares freely negotiable on Euronext Brussels are available in two forms: registered and dematerialised.

Registered shares are represented by an entry in the register of registered NBB shares. Dematerialised shares are represented by an entry in an account in the name of the owner or holder with a recognised intermediary or with the clearing institution, NV Euroclear Belgium.

With the exception of those belonging to the State, registered shares can be converted free of charge to dematerialised shares, and vice versa, as the owner wishes.

Owners of registered and dematerialised shares cannot ask physical delivery of their shares.

In accordance with Article 11 of the Law of 14 December 2005 abolishing bearer securities, holders of bearer shares that have not been converted to registered or dematerialised shares should contact the Deposit and Consignment Office.

Listing on Euronext Brussels

Two hundred thousand NBB shares are freely negotiable on Euronext Brussels.
The shares’ ISIN-code is BE0003008019.
The symbol (ticker) used by Euronext is BNB.
Quotes and Market Information are available at the website of Euronext.

Purchase, sale and safekeeping

The National Bank provides free custody of NBB shares which shareholders deposit with it for safe keeping. This deposit may be made by means of a registered or bearer registration. The shares may be converted into registered (form in Dutch or in French) or dematerialised shares (form in Dutch or in French), free of charge, as the owner wishes.

Instructions regarding the purchase/sale of NBB shares


The dividend paid by the National Bank to its shareholders consists of a first dividend of 6% of the capital and a second dividend determined by the Council of Regency. The Council of Regency has set the second dividend at 50% of the net proceeds from the portfolio which the Bank holds as a counterpart to its reserves (“the statutory portfolio”).

For more details, see:

By decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders of 18 May 2015, the payment date of the dividend is the fourth bank working day after the General Meeting.

Development of the net dividend

2024-05-27 Coupon 222 € 1.05
2023-05-19 Coupon 221 € 1.05
2022-05-20 Coupon 220 € 96.63
2021-05-21 Coupon 219 € 74.04
2020-05-22 Coupon 218 € 85.80
2019-05-24 Coupon 217 € 96.93
2018-05-28 Coupon 216 € 89.34
2017-05-19 Coupon 215 € 98.55
2016-05-23 Coupon 214 € 98.85
2015-05-22 Coupon 213 € 108.69
2014-06-02 Coupon 212 € 124.20
2013-06-03 Coupon 211 € 115.53
2012-06-05 Coupon 210 € 106.32
2011-06-06 Coupon 209 € 124.59
2010-06-07 Coupon 208 € 94.86
2009-04-01 Coupon 207 € 56.25
2008-04-02 Coupon 206 € 54.00
2007-03-28 Coupon 205 € 52.50
2006-03-29 Coupon 204 € 51.35
2005-03-31 Coupon 203 € 50.00
2004-03-31 Coupon 202 € 49.00
2003-04-02 Coupon 201 € 48.10
2002-03-27 Coupon 200 € 47.25
2001-03-28 Coupon 199 € 46.10