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Indirect effects - A formal definition and degrees of dependency as an alternative to technical coefficients

Working Paper N° 67

The single European electricity market: A long road to convergence

Working Paper N° 84

Economic impact of port activity: a disaggregate analysis. The case of Antwerp

Working Paper N° 110

The performance of credit rating systems in the assessment of collateral used in Eurosystem monetary policy operations

Working Paper N° 118

Analysis of business demography using markov chains: An application to Belgian data

Working Paper N° 170

The economic importance of the Belgian ports : Flemish maritime ports, Liège port complex and the port of Brussels – Report 2016

Working Paper N° 342

La volatilité accrue du prix de l'électricité pour les menages belges

Working Paper N° 38

L’industrie de l’automobile en Belgique : Importance de la sous-traitance dans l’assemblage de véhicules automobiles

Le secteur des TIC en Belgique