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Economic importance of the Belgian ports: Flemish maritime ports, Liège port complex and the port of Brussels - Report 2015

Working Paper N° 321

Foreign banks as shock absorbers in the financial crisis?

Working Paper N° 322

The IMF and precautionary lending : An empirical evaluation of the selectivity and effectiveness of the flexible credit line

Working Paper N° 323

Financial Stability Report 2017

Public sector efficiency in Belgium

Improving public policy efficiency in Belgium: A priority challenge!

Low interest rates and their impact on Belgium’s households

The fall in interest rates has had an impact on Belgian households’ income, wealth and financial behaviour

Analysis of the developments in residential property prices: is the Belgian market overvalued?

After four decades of virtually uninterrupted increases in house prices, is the Belgian residential property market overvalued?

Digital currencies: threats and opportunities for monetary policy

Do digital currencies – like the Bitcoin – just pose challenges for monetary policy or do they also bring opportunities?

Inflation in services: the Belgian exception

Services prices are rising faster in Belgium than in the neighbouring countries: who is responsible for this?

Low inflation in the euro area: causes and consequences

Between 2012 and 2016, inflation in the euro area remained surprisingly low: what factors were at play, what are the consequences and what can the ECB do about it?