Reimbursement of your transfer

The sum that you transferred to cover the filing costs has been repaid into your account. All transfers that either bear incorrect amounts, are received too late (after 7 calendar days), lack the structured communication or give an incorrect communication are automatically repaid. The National Bank of Belgium has added a code to the repayment advice. Below is a list of all the code options and the corresponding reason for refund.

code 10: Refund for overpayment

code 11: Amount insufficient

code 12: Repayment in the absence of a structured communication

code 13: Late payment

code 14: No submission corresponding to this structured communication

code 15: The submissions in question have already been accepted and paid for

code 16: The submissions in question have already been rejected because the amount was insufficient

code 17: Refund for overpayment; more than one payment with this structured communication

code 18: Payment processing problems. Contact the Central Balance Sheet Office’s Helpdesk (tel: 02 221 30 01; e-mail: for further information

code 19: The submissions in question have already been cancelled by the depositor