Company File

The 'Company File' can be used to analyse a company’s financial position and compare it with that of its sector on the basis of a number of sets of annual accounts drawn up according to a standard model for recent financial years.

It contains the company’s main accounting data and a financial analysis of those data, placing them in perspective with the aid of the sectoral statistics from the Central Balance Sheet Office.


The company file generated by the application comprises the following five sections:

  • data identifying the company
  • summary of the main components of the annual accounts: balance sheet, profit and loss account, fixed assets and social balance sheet
  • cash flow table 
  • comparison of the company’s main financial ratios with the business sector of its choice
  • position of the company in the financial health category associated with a probability of failure within 3 years 


Fictive company file (in Dutch - in French).


The company file can only be produced if there are at least two sets of annual accounts filed with the Central Balance Sheet Office, drawn up for the enterprise according to a standard model for years ending within the past 5 years.

The annual accounts must also pass all the statutory arithmetical and logical tests; they do so automatically if the annual accounts are filed and accepted in the XBRL format.

Access arrangement and tariff

Has your company filed standardised annual accounts and do you want to consult your own file?
The application enables you to define the parameters for producing your own file and consulting it free of charge on line and downloading it in the PDF format. For that purpose, the Central Balance Sheet Office now provides an activation code with the 'Acknowledgement of filing' sent to the company’s head office in the case of all annual accounts drawn up according to the standard model and filed after 28 April 2014.

You have no activation code or you want to consult the file on a company other than your own?
The application enables you to define the parameters for producing the file on the selected company and to order a PDF version of the file at a price of € 29.98 (including VAT and postage).


Methodological appendix (in Dutch - in French)

Opening hours

The Application is accessible at all times, except on Sundays from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm. The NBB reserves the right to block access to the Application, either completely or partially, without prior notification, should this be necessary or unavoidable.