Supported Certificate Authorities (CA)

This page has been created to list the CA chain for each Supported Certificate Authorities to use commercial personal certificates in the context of CBSO and in particular the foreign users who do not have a BIS number.

Quo Vadis EU Qualified certificate  (   )

QuoVadis Root CA 1 G3

QuoVadis Enterprise Trust CA 1 G3

QuoVadis Belgium Issuing CA G2

QuoVadis EU Issuing Certification Authority G4

QuoVadis Belgium Issuing CA G4

QuoVadis EU Issuing Certification Authority G6

Globalsign (PersonalSign Class 3 Pro) :( (

GlobalSign Root CA- R3

GlobalSign GCC R45 PersonalSign 3 CA 2020

Isabel Certification Authority (

Isabel Certification Authority Root

Isabel Certification Authority