FAQ - Consult

1. In which formats can the annual accounts be consulted?

The application offers

  • a PDF file for each set of annual accounts and consolidated accounts filed as from 1st January 2009 with the National Bank. To consult the documents in pdf format you need the free software, Acrobat Reader, made available by Adobe. (http://www.adobe.com/uk/products/reader/)
  • an XBRL file for each set of annual accounts filed with the National Bank in that form since 2nd April 2007 by the legal persons themselves. These XBRL files are intended mainly for users who wish to analyse the financial position of the legal persons concerned without first having to re-enter the basic data filed. Such users can therefore make use of software already available on the market, or software that can be developed on their demand by the private softwaresector. For further Information, you can contact your softwaresupplier or you can contact the NPO XBRL Belgium (e-mail: [email protected]).

2. Why does the application always show the same annual accounts?

If you always see the same set of accounts on your screen, that is probably because your computer has stored the requested internet page in its internal memory to speed up access to internet pages which have already been requested.
If you are using a stand-alone computer, you need to delete the temporary internet files and cookies in your browser’s internet options (often to be found under 'Extra' or 'Tools').
If the problem persists and your computer is linked to a local network, then you need to 'refresh' the proxy server and adjust the server settings so as to by-pass the cache memory for the application 'Consult'.