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Interest rates

Bringing down interest rates: are wages throwing a spanner in the works?

13 June 2024
With inflation having fallen sharply, the ECB decided to lower its key interest rates on 6 June. In the months prior to…
Monetary policy

Why we adjusted interest rates

08 June 2024
The ECB has cut interest rates. President Christine Lagarde explains why and sets out what still needs to be done to…
Qui finance qui ? À la découverte de la matrice belge

Who finances whom? Discover the Belgian matrix

07 June 2024
Whether it be families buying homes or businesses making investments, financial flows grease the wheels of the economy.…

Twenty-five years of the euro: How the introduction of the single currency changed the conduct of monetary policy and payment and securities settlement systems in the euro area

02 April 2024
The “test” Belgium had to pass to be admitted to the monetary union with a single currency included conditions…

When are you planning to retire?

11 March 2024
Retirement is an important step in life, and there are more and more question marks hanging over the issue for workers.…
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Public finances

Beware of the snowball!

15 February 2024
Public debt is sensitive to changes in interest rates. Rising rates can, under certain conditions, cause the debt-to-GDP…

A truly singular currency turns 25

11 January 2024
“It’s not possible. It’s a bad idea. It won’t last.” Such was the pessimism expressed by many renowned…
Are interest rates going to drop?

Are interest rates going to drop?

16 November 2023
Most observers expect the ECB’s next interest rate move to be a cut and that while such a decision may not be taken…
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What do bonds and Trivial Pursuit have in common?

09 November 2023
Like the questions in the board game Trivial Pursuit, bonds are increasingly being categorised by theme. In its…

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