Internationale conferentie 2010 over "International Trade: Threats and Opportunities in a Globalised World"

14-15 oktober 2010 - Auditorium van de Nationale Bank van België in Brussel

Inleiding door Gouverneur Guy Quaden

Trade and the global recession
Jonathan Eaton, Sam Kortum, Brent Neiman, John Romalis
Working Paper 196 (pdf - 256k)  Presentation (pdf - 1096)

Internationalization strategy and performance of small and medium sized enterprises
Jonas Onkelinx, Leo Sleuwaegen
Working Paper 197  (pdf - 2750k) Presentation (pdf - 210k)
Discussion by V. Rebeyrol (pdf - 71k)

The internationalization process of firms: From exports to FDI?
Paola Conconi, André Sapir, Maurizio Zanardi
Working Paper 198  (pdf - 2750k) Presentation (pdf - 1461k)
Discussion by E. Ornelas (pdf 36k)

Intermediaries in international trade: Direct versus indirect modes of export
Andrew B. Bernard, Marco Grazzi, Chiara Tomasi
Working Paper 199 (pdf - 256k)  Presentation (pdf - 1436k)

Trade in services: IT and task content
Andrea Ariu, Giordano Mion
Working Paper 200  (pdf - 2750k) Presentation (pdf - 853k)
Discussion by L. Oldenski (pdf - 79k)

The productivity and export spillovers of the internationalisation behaviour of Belgian firms
Michel Dumont, Bruno Merlevede, Christophe Piette, Glenn Rayp
Working Paper 201  (pdf - 2750k) Presentation (pdf - 620k)
Discussion by C. Altomonte (pdf - 46k)

Market size, competition and the product mix of exporters
Thierry Mayer, Marc J. Melitz, Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano
Working Paper 202  (pdf - 2750k) Presentation (pdf - 1447k)

Multi-product exporters, carry-along trade and the margins of trade
Andrew B. Bernard, Ilke Van Beveren, Hylke Vandenbussche
Working Paper 203  (pdf - 2750k) Presentation (pdf - 1554k)
Discussion by P. Neary (pdf - 931k)

Can Belgian firms cope with the Chinese dragon and the Asian tigers? The export performance of multi-product firms on foreign markets
Filip Abraham, Jan Van Hove
Working Paper 204  (pdf - 2750k) Presentation (pdf - 241k)
Discussion by G. Gaulier (pdf - 353k)

Immigration, offshoring and American jobs
Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano, Giovanni Peri, Greg C. Wright
Working Paper 205  (pdf - 2750k) Presentation (pdf - 738k)

The effects of internationalisation on domestic labour demand by skills: Firm-level evidence for Belgium
Ludo Cuyvers, Emmanuel Dhyne, Reth Soeng
Working Paper 206  (pdf - 2750k) Presentation (pdf - 62k)
Discussion by D. Urban (pdf - 159k)

Labour demand adjustment: Does foreign ownership matter?
Emmanuel Dhyne, Catherine Fuss, Claude Mathieu
Working Paper 207  (pdf - 2750k) Presentation (pdf - 341k)
Discussion by H. Görg (pdf - 8k)

Closing speech:
Concluding remarks