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Knowledge technology and economic growth: Recent evidence from OECD countries

Working Paper N° 6

The use of robust estimators as measures of core inflation

Working Paper N° 2

Growth in an open economy: Some recent developments

Working Paper N° 5

A model with explicit expectations for Belgium

Working Paper N° 4

Performances économiques des Etats-Unis dans les années nonante

Working Paper N° 3

Model-based inflation forecasts and monetary policy rules

Working Paper N° 1

A guided tour of the world of rational expectations models and optimal policies

Working Paper N° 16

Determinanten van de debetrentes toegepast door Belgische kredietinstellingen

Working Paper N° 15

Attractive prices and euro-rounding effects on inflation

Working Paper N° 17

The interest rate and credit channels in Belgium: an investigation with micro-level firm data published in Brussels Economic Review, 45 (3), Autumn 2002, pp. 5-35.

Artikel Working Paper N° 18