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Competition and product mix adjustment of multi-product exporters: Evidence from Belgium

Working Paper N° 298

The impact of exporting on SME capital structure and debt maturity choices

Working Paper N° 311

The impact of export promotion on export market entry

Working Paper N° 316

Firm heterogeneity and aggregate business services exports: Micro evidence from Belgium, France, Germany and Spain

Working Paper N° 328

Exchange rate movements, firm-level exports and heterogeneity

Working Paper N° 334

Compositional changes in aggregate productivity in an era of globalisation and financial crisis

Working Paper N° 336

Decomposing firm-product appeal: How important is consumer taste?

Working Paper N° 337

One way to the top : How services boost the demand for goods

Working Paper N° 340

Principaux résultats du réseau CompNet

Les travaux du réseau de recherche ESCB Competitiveness Network (CompNet): une mine d’enseignements pour la compréhension de la compétitivité.

Caractéristiques et évolution du commerce extérieur de la Belgique