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Is euro area lowflation here to stay ? Insights from a time-varying parameter model with survey data

Working Paper N° 355

Dominant currencies How firms choose currency invoicing and why it matters

Working Paper N° 353

Endogenous forward guidance

Working Paper N° 354

Trade and Domestic Production Networks

Working Paper N° 344

Determinants of Euro Term Structure of Credit Spreads

Working Paper N° 57

Voting on pensions: A survey

Working Paper N° 62

Comparing shocks and frictions in US and euro area business cycles: A Bayesian DSGE approach

Working Paper N° 61

Asymetric growth and inflation developments in the acceding countries: A new assessment

Working Paper N° 63

Importance économique des ports maritimes flamands: rapport 2003

Working Paper N° 69

Indirect effects - A formal definition and degrees of dependency as an alternative to technical coefficients

Working Paper N° 67