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From the 1931 sterling devaluation to the breakdown of Bretton Woods: Robert Triffin’s analysis of international monetary crises

Working Paper N° 431

Measuring the share of imports in final consumption

Working Paper N° 430

Export Entry and Network Interactions: Evidence from the Belgian Production Network

Working Paper N° 429

A macroeconomic model with heterogeneous and financially-constrained intermediaries

Working Paper N° 367

The economic importance of the Belgian ports: Flemish maritime ports, Liège port complex and the port of Brussels – Report 2017

Working Paper N° 368

Does banks’ systemic importance affect their capital structure and balance sheet adjustment processes?

Working Paper N° 369

A model for international spillovers to emerging markets

Working Paper N° 370

Estimation methods for computing a branch’s total value added from incomplete annual accounting data

Working Paper N° 371

Do SVARs with sign restrictions not identify unconventional monetary policy shocks?

Working Paper N° 372

Research and development activities in Belgium: A snapshot of past investment for the country’s future

Working Paper N° 373