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Imperfect competition in firm-to-firm trade

Working Paper N° 363

The origins of firm heterogeneity: A production network approach

Working Paper N° 362

The dynamics of trade and competition

Working Paper N° 91

Trade, wages and productivity

Working Paper N° 161

Multi-product exporters, carry-along trade and the margins of trade

Working Paper N° 203

Comparative advantage, multi-product firms and trade liberalisation: An empirical test

Working Paper N° 219

Institutions and export dynamics

Working Paper N° 220

Exchange rate movements, firm-level exports and heterogeneity

Working Paper N° 334

Decomposing firm-product appeal: How important is consumer taste?

Working Paper N° 337

Comportement des firmes belges dans le contexte de la mondialisation: enseignements du colloque "International Trade: Threats and Opportunities in a Globalised World"