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Determinants of Euro Term Structure of Credit Spreads

Working Paper N° 57

An international analysis of earnings, stock prices and bond yields

 Working Paper N° 73

Assessing the Gap between Observed and Perceived Inflation in the Euro Area: Is the Credibility of the HICP at Stake ?

Working Paper N° 112

Do survey indicators let us see the business cycle? A frequency decomposition

Working Paper N° 131

On the conjugacy of off-line and on-line Sequential Monte Carlo Samplers

Working Paper N° 263

FloGARCH: Realizing long memory and asymmetries in returns volatility

Working Paper N° 280

Predicting Belgium’s GDP using targeted bridge models

Working Paper N° 290

Prévision immédiate de la conjoncture belge avec BREL: le rôle des données d’enquêtes

Le nouveau baromètre de conjoncture de la Banque nationale de Belgique

Working Paper N° 70

Measuring inflation persistence: A structural time series approach