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Does one size fit all at all times? The role of country specificities and state dependencies in predicting banking crises.

Working Paper N° 297

Monetary and macroprudential policygames in a monetary union

Working Paper N° 304

The impact of sectoral macroprudential capital requirements on mortgage loan pricing: Evidence from the Belgian risk weight add-on

Working Paper N° 306

Assessing the role of interbank network structure in business and financial cycle analysis

Working Paper N° 307

The interdependence of monetary and macroprudential policy under the zero lower bound

Working Paper N° 310

Mécanisme de transmission d’instruments nouveaux et traditionnels de politiques monétaire et macroprudentielle

Synthèse des principaux résultats du colloque scientifique organisé par la Banque les 13 et 14 octobre sur le thème « The transmission mechanism of new and traditional instruments of monetary and macroprudential policy »