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Résultats et situation financière des entreprises en 2013

Information in the yield curve: A Macro-Finance approach

Working Paper N° 254

Micro-based evidence of EU competitiveness: The CompNet database

Working Paper N° 253

The single supervisory mechanism or “SSM”, part one of the Banking Union

Working Paper N° 255

Nowcasting Belgium

Working Paper N° 256

Monetary and macroprudential policies in an estimated model with financial intermediation

Working Paper N° 258

Human capital, firm capabilities and productivity growth

Working Paper N° 257

A macro-financial analysis of the euro area sovereign bond market

Working Paper N° 259

The Belgian ports: Flemish maritime ports, Liège port complex and the port of Brussels – Report 2012

Working Paper N° 260

European competitiveness: A semi-parametric stochastic metafrontier analysis at the firm level

Working Paper N° 261