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Voting on pensions: A survey

Working Paper N° 62

Firm-specific production factors in a DSGE model with Taylor price setting

Working Paper N° 85

Sequential bargaining in a New Keynesian model with frictional unemployment and staggered wage negotiation

Working Paper N° 157

Inflation dynamics with labour market matching: Assessing alternative specifications

Working Paper N° 164

Wage and employment effects of a wage norm: The Polish transition experience

Working Paper N° 209

Comparing fiscal multipliers across models and countries in Europe

Working Paper N° 278

An estimated two-country EA-US model with limited exchange rate pass-through

Working Paper N° 317

Septième colloque international de la BNB : le risque financier endogène

Qu’avons nous appris du Wage Dynamics Network ?

La relation entre croissance économique et emploi