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Crédits aux particuliers - Analyse des données de la Centrale des Crédits aux Particuliers

Working Paper N° 78

Is there a difference between solicited and unsolicited bank ratings and if so, why ?

Working Paper N° 79

A generalised dynamic factor model for the Belgian economy - Useful business cycle indicators and GDP growth forecasts

Working Paper N° 80

Réduction linéaire de cotisations patronales à la sécurité sociale et financement alternatif

Working Paper N° 81

The patterns and determinants of price setting in the Belgian industry

Working Paper N° 82

A multi-factor model for the valuation and risk management of demand deposits

Working Paper N° 83

The single European electricity market: A long road to convergence

Working Paper N° 84

Firm-specific production factors in a DSGE model with Taylor price setting

Working Paper N° 85

Importance économique des ports belges: ports maritimes flamands et complexe portuaire liégeois - Rapport 2004

Working Paper N° 86

The response of firms’ investment and financing to adverse cash flow shocks: the role of bank relationships

Working Paper N° 87