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A generalised dynamic factor model for the Belgian economy - Useful business cycle indicators and GDP growth forecasts

Working Paper N° 80

The production function approach to the Belgian output gap, Estimation of a Multivariate Structural Time Series Model

Working Paper N° 89

Macroeconomic fluctuations and firm entry: theory and evidence

Working Paper N° 103

Investment-Specific Technology Shocks and Labor Market Frictions

Working Paper N° 108

Monitoring pro-cyclicality under the capital requirements directive: preliminary concepts for developing a framework

Working Paper N° 120

Do survey indicators let us see the business cycle? A frequency decomposition

Working Paper N° 131

Multivariate structural time series models with dual cycles: implications for measurement of output gap and potential growth

Working Paper N° 136

Sequential bargaining in a New Keynesian model with frictional unemployment and staggered wage negotiation

Working Paper N° 157

Inflation dynamics with labour market matching: Assessing alternative specifications

Working Paper N° 164

Input-output connections between sectors and optimal monetary policy

Working Paper N° 166