The future of the banking sector. What challenges to face? Which strategy to pursue?

Join us for an engaging event hosted by the Belgian Financial Forum at the National Bank of Belgium, where we'll delve into the future challenges of the financial sector. We're excited to present an exclusive interview with Michael Anseeuw, the new chairman of Febelfin. He will engage in an intimate one-on-one debate with Indra Dewitte, Chief Editor Het Belang van Limburg and Mediahuis Belgium.

Discover the challenges for the banking sector and hear Anseeuw's perspective on the strategic priorities, crucial obstacles, and innovative perspectives shaping the banking landscape in the years to come. In light of the recent elections, it is even more relevant to discuss burning topics such as accessibility in banking, financing the economy and the climate transition.

This won't be your typical keynote; instead, it's an interactive conversation. Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain insights directly from Michael Anseeuw.



Language: The colloquium will be held in English. There will be no simultaneous translation.

Date et heure: 
Mardi 25 juin 2024, 12:00 - 13:30
Belgian Financial Forum
Michael Anseeuw (chairman of Febelfin), Indra Dewitte (Chief Editor Het Belang van Limburg and Mediahuis Belgium)
Auditorium National Bank of Belgium, Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères 61 1000 Brussels
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