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The National Bank of Belgium and the CEPR are organising a joint research workshop on “Reaching Net Zero: Electricity Markets, Carbon Pricing and Firms’ Responses” in Brussels on 19-20 March. The deadline for submissions is 20 December.

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After last month’s decline, the indicator picked up again in November. Confidence rose sharply in the business-related services sector, more than offsetting the large drop recorded in October. The business climate for trade is also improving. Businesses in turn reported tighter credit conditions in October.


Consumer confidence has been rising gradually since July, albeit at a moderate pace. This trend continued in November.

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Critical raw materials (CRMs) are crucial to fulfilling Europe's climate and digital ambitions. Imbalances between supply and demand will intensify competition for CRMs. Hence, the EU needs an ambitious CRM strategy involving international partners, explain NBB experts Kristel Buysse and Dennis Essers in their latest article.

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Is the ECB going to cut rates? What are the economic consequences when short-term interest rates are higher than long-term ones? Read an analysis by our expert Bruno De Backer in a new article on our blog.


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Belgium hasn’t been experiencing greedflation, that much we already knew. In fact, corporate profit margins are currently falling due to rising wage pressures. But in the years preceding the current cost crisis, profit margins increased much more in Belgium than in other countries, mainly as a result of wage moderation.

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Much like the questions in the popular board game Trivial Pursuit, bonds are increasingly being categorised by theme. As part of its investment strategy, the National Bank of Belgium is betting big on thematic bonds as such instruments can help to mobilise finance for the fight against climate change and advance the transition to a sustainable economy. 

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