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The Central Individual Credit Register has recorded fewer payment defaults, while lending is recovering slowly. Read more in the statistical report. The accompanying blog for the public at large helps to clarify some misunderstandings about the “blacklist” or list of people who have defaulted on their loans or have more than three months’ payment arrears.

Just as in December, the decline in business confidence is only very small. And it was only in the business-related services sector that confidence has picked up.

The fall in the indicator that began last October has come to a halt. Consumers are more optimistic about the economic outlook and the labour market.

Consumentenvertrouwen herstelt licht in januari

Belgian trade with the United Kingdom is showing an unusual profile: imports have risen sharply (+ 27.2 %) while exports are down sharply (-15.9 %). 

De groei van de invoer en de uitvoer stabiliseert op een hoog niveau
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