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During the second quarter of 2021, the net financial wealth of private individuals grew by 
€ 25.6 billion to € 1181.6 billion. Belgian households invested heavily in investment fund shares.

Working from home more often and buying more things online: we are going to change our habits radically because of the coronavirus crisis. Are these behavioural changes here to stay and what does that mean for the real estate market? In this study, we take a look at the potential short- and long-term effects of the COVID-19 crisis and sketch an image of the post-pandemic world.


The COVID-19 crisis has had a severe impact on business life, owing to the strict health measures, disruption of working conditions and the forced closure of certain activities. However, an analysis of as many as 470 000 VAT returns also reveals that one in four firms posted good results during this period.

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The National Bank is still urging Belgian financial institutions to continue to follow a cautious dividend payment policy, even after the expiry of the specific recommendations put in place during the COVID-19-period.


Following the new European Banking Authority (EBA) guidelines, there have been various media reports on the supposed need to arrange a survey when applying for a mortgage loan. The National Bank wants to provide some important clarification on this subject.

Before the coronapandemic, Belgium was the third EU country with the highest public spending, after France and Finland. How do spending items such as administration, social security and education score in comparison with Germany, France and the Netherlands? Which authorities (federal, regional, local) are responsible?

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The fall in confidence is the most marked in business-related services. Entrepreneurs in the building industry and in the trade sector are more positive about the future.

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