Term of approval and payment

The annual accounts must be filed with the Central balance Sheet Office within thirty days after they have been approved and no later than seven months after the end of the financial year. In principle, annual accounts which have not been approved cannot be filed.

Term of approval

Exceptions to the rule regarding the approval by the general meeting

  • Company in liquidation
    The annual accounts must be submitted tot the general meeting of the company being in liquidation. The general meeting, however, is no longer empowered to approve the annual accounts. The annual accounts therefore should be filed within one month after the submission to the general meeting (and no later than seven months after the end of the financial year). If the liquidator wishes to do so, he may mention the date on which the annual accounts have been submitted to the general meeting
    On the first page of the annual accounts filed the words 'in liquidation' are added after the name of the company.
  • Foreign company having a branch office in Belgium
    The annual accounts do not have to be approved, if such is not provided by the legislation the company comes under.
  • Major public institution not being established in the form of a commercial company but performing a statutory function of a commercial, financial or industrial nature
  • Partnership firm, ordinary limited partnership or limited liability Cooperative company
  • Consolidated annual accounts 

Payment term

The filing costs must be collected within seven calendar days following the date of acceptance of the filing of the annual accounts by the National Bank.

Within eleven working days following acceptance of the deposit, the National Bank sends the notification of deposit to the legal entity to which the document relates.