Tariffs for companies 2024

The tariff to file annual accounts is determined by:

  • the model: full (F), abridged (ABR) or micro (MIC);
  • the format used: XBRL or PDF;
  • whether the filing is corrected or not (a corrected filing is subject to a specific tariff).

In the event of late filing, the filing tariffs is increased by a surcharge (Art 3:13 CCA).

Tariffs 2024

  full abridged micro
XBRL 360.70 85.10 63.80
PDF 427.40 151.70 130.60
Correction for an annual account 81.70 81.70 52.00

Composition of tariffs for 2024

The composition of tariffs for 2024 or companies can be found in this table.

Chronological overview of filing costs for companies

A chronological overview of the filing costs for companies can be found in this table