Tariffs for certain investment funds 2024

The tariffs are adjusted annually, on 1 January, based on the consumer price index (source: Articles 3:70 and 3:188 RD of 29 April 2019).

The annual accounts of certain investment funds must be filed with the National Bank of Belgium (source: Art 30 RD of 10 November 2006). They may be filed as an annex to the annual accounts of the Belgian management company.

The annual accounts of Belgian investment funds without legal personality that are managed by a foreign management company which does not have a Belgian company number can only be filed in the form of a PDF file, in accordance with an alternative procedure.

The filing tariff for annual accounts is composed of:

  • costs relating to the collection and publication of the filed documents;
  • a special tariff for a corrected filing.

Tariffs 2024

PDF 424,00
Corrected filing 81,70