Accounts of the general government

The European System of National and Regional Accounts (ESA 2010) has replaced the old ESA 95 as the reference methodology for compiling the Belgian national accounts. The ESA 2010 was introduced by Regulation (EU) No 549/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 and must be applied in all Member States as of September 2014.

Non-financial accounts

When the national accounts are compiled, as a global statistic, several classifications are taken into consideration. (Dutch, French).

Financial accounts

  • Methodological overview of Belgium's financial accounts (June 2007) (Dutch, French)

Excessive deficit procedure (EDP)

Regulation (EC) No 479/2009 requires the Member States to send Eurostat inventories describing the sources and methods used to calculate the data supplied: Belgium’s EDP inventory and the list of public units.

National accounts institute opinions

Regarding the publication of Opinions on the statistical treatment of particular operations in response to calls from government authorities, the Board of the NAI has decided to adopt the same approach as Eurostat and publish the Opinions it has given (Dutch or French) from 30 March 2007 onwards on its website.