Login to OneGate using CSAM

Preliminary steps

In order to be able to grant access to users (phase 3), a few preliminary steps are required on platforms managed by the federal authorities.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Recording a company and appointing a Chief Access Manager


  Assigning the Onegate Admin  

Creating users on the basis of the National Register Number


1. The Chief Access Manager

Contact your company's Chief Access Manager (Human Resources or Accounting Department). This person manages access for various government online applications such as Dimona, DmfA, FinProf, InterVAT.

No Chief Access Manager or Access Manager for the “economy” domain has yet been registered for your company or you would like to change the Access Manager? Log in to the CSAM website and follow the steps.

2. The Onegate Admin Role Assignment

The Chief Access Manager or Co-Access Manager for the “economy” domain assigns the Onegate Admin role to the employee(s) who will be required to manage access to the Onegate application.

3. Onegate

The employee assigned the Onegate Admin role logs in to create accesses for users who will be reporting into Onegate.

Brief overview

A brief overview of steps to perform to log in via CSAM for users using an electronic identity card issued in Belgium can be found here.

For persons in charge of a VAT unit and for tax representatives, the procedure is slightly different. See the FAQ Onegate  ‘Third Party Declarers’.

Foreigners should use an electronic commercial certificate, type U2A, issued by Isabel, Globalsign or QuoVadis. Please contact them for more information. See FAQ Onegate  How to connect with an electronic certificate?

If you already have such a certificate, use this link to apply: https://onegate.nbb.be/my.policy